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Short:GUI HTTP search/download + disk writer
Author:Timm S. Müller
Uploader:tmueller neoscientists org
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Lubricator 2.3
GUI HTTP search, download and disk writing

1. About
2. Features
3. Minimum requirements
4. Installation
5. GUI usage
6. Command-line usage
7. Icon tooltypes
8. Troubleshooting
9. Privacy concerns
A. Server exchange protocol
B. Changelog
C. Licenses and Copyright

1. About

Lubricator is a combined GUI and command-line tool that allows you to
search, download and unarchive Amiga software, and to write disk
images directly from the internet to disks on your Amiga. It works
fine on machines with just a 68000 CPU and very little memory.

Supported disk image formats are ADF and DMS. Also supported is smart
unpacking of LHA and ZIP archives, and the creation of bootable disks
for running executables. Included in the GUI is (by default) an
Aminet and Pouët search facility. Lubricator can deal with simple
HTML files and display the links from a web server's directory
listing, for example.

The principal idea is to eliminate the need for a companion PC, and
to get software onto every Amiga as easily and quickly as possible -
bypassing the hassle of physical media or setting up network services

For demo connoisseurs, Lubricator makes it as convenient as possible
to watch demos (including trackmos) from the real machine, so it is
easier to resist the temptation of clicking on internet videos, or
ending up in an emulator.

See also: C. Licenses and Copyright

2. Features

- Smart unpacking: Unpacks archives without producing file clutter.

- Async I/O, no temporary files for disk writing: Interleaves
trackdisk I/O and pumping disk images all the way through the
internet right onto your disks - it won't get any more efficient.

- Resource-saving and hardened for low memory conditions: For
instance, you can start Lubricator with just 200k of free memory and
search and download from Aminet.

- Integrated packdisk maker for producing collections of executables
(such as intros, demos and games) on a disk with a small menu.

- Special index files (dubbed 'amindex') use a simplified format that
can contain links to downloads and other addresses. If you are
interested in building your own web, download an example amindex
file, edit it, save it locally or upload it to your webserver and
share it with your friends.

3. Minimum requirements

68000 CPU, Kickstart 2.x (v37), bsdsocket.library v3,
httpclient.library v4 (included)

Every Amiga can be connected to the network, use for example

- a PCMCIA network adapter (A600, A1200),
- or Plipbox or an ACA500+/X-Surf-500 for the A500,
- or a Zorro-II/III network card on an A2000/3000/4000.

Good TCP/IP stacks for 68000 Amigas are Roadshow and AmiTCP. AmiTCPv4
is also part of the X-Surf-500 software package. Lubricator should
also work with the demo version of Roadshow and the freely
downloadable AmiTCPv3 from Aminet.

HTTPS and FTP downloads (as well as Pouët and Aminet searches) are
redirected to a server in my vestibule. So if you download from an
URL with the https:// scheme, the download is not really encrypted
all the way to your computer, I am man-in-the-middle. But you can set
up your own search and download server.

See also: 9. Privacy concerns

4. Installation

Not strictly required - can run with httpclient.library in the
current directory. To install, copy httpclient.library to LIBS:, and
Lubricator wherever you want.

For unpacking, the commands lha and unzip are expected in the path.
Obviously, you can download them with Lubricator:

From GUI:

- Change to the 'Aminet' facility, enter "" as the search
term. Double-click the entry to download it to the download
directory. Change to the 'Local' facility, double-click, run
it 'Normal'. 'R'eload the 'Local' facility. Double-click
for LhA's manual. Using a shell or file-manager, copy lha_68k to
C:lha .

- Provided that LhA is already installed, change to the 'Aminet'
facility, enter "unz550" as the search term, double-click
unz550xA.lha to download and unarchive. Using a shell or
file-manager, copy UnZip to C: .

From command-line:

# lubricator search aminet
# lubricator search aminet unz550
# lubricator get
# copy lha_68k c:lha
# lubricator unpack
# copy unzip c:

Note on UnZip:

UnZip 5.50 reports warnings for no other reason than an unset
timezone (TZ) env variable. See timezone.doc in the UnZip archive.
TL;DR: To silence these warnings, set e.g. Central European time as
# setenv TZ "MET-1MEST"

See also: 8. Troubleshooting

5. GUI usage

Self-explanatory, unless noted otherwise. Small button captions:

'R' - Reload
'H' - Homepage or download directory

Click the cycle button (by default showing 'Index') to get to the
'Pouët' and 'Aminet' search facilities. On these facilities, use the
text field to search. Reload with an empty text field to get a list
of the latest uploads to the respective facility.
Select the 'Local' facility to browse the download directory.
Double-click items in the list to invoke their default action (e.g.
Unarchive, Write, Download, Show/Execute).

Additional keyboard shortcuts:

Tab - Cycle through facilities
Return - Activate address/search field
ESC - Abort downloading, writing, etc.

Menu functions:

- "Run Executable..." allows you to launch an executable. This
function will also set a file's executable bit if this was forgotten
somehow (by UnZip, for example).

- "Suggest Random Demos..." uses the Pouët search to suggest a random
bunch of demos.

- "Open Index file..." - to open a local 'amindex' file.

- "Make Disk from Executable..." - this function performs a quick
format on a disk, copies an executable on it, and makes it bootable.
This can greatly improve chances to get a filedemo running.

- "Packdisk Maker..." - With the packdisk maker, you can create a
disk with multiple demos/intros and a small menu. Double-click
executables in the main list to add them to the packdisk maker. Click
entries in the packdisk maker to edit their names (as they should
appear in the menu).

- Bookmarks: Up to nine bookmark entries (edited in icon tooltypes).

See also: 7. Icon tooltypes for homepage and bookmarks

6. Command-line usage

Without an address, path or search term, Lubricator starts up with
the GUI. Start the GUI in a given facility:
# lubricator SHOW local

Search in a facility:
# lubricator SEARCH aminet cranker

Show recent uploads (SHOW and SEARCH can be used interchangeably):
# lubricator SHOW pouet ""
# lubricator SEARCH aminet ""

Download a file:
# lubricator GET
# lubricator GET TO filename
# lubricator GET TO RAM:

Download and unpack an archive:
# lubricator UNPACK TO RAM:

Write a disk image:
# lubricator WRITE TO df0:
# lubricator WRITE hallo.adf TO ff1:

Read a disk to a file:
# lubricator READ hallo.adf FROM df0:

(Warning: Disk writing and reading starts immediately)

In addition to that, you can specify the VERBOSE option for more
information on network activity.

See also: Privacy concerns

7. Icon tooltypes

Lubricator's configuration is stored in its icon tooltypes.

- 'STARTPAGE' - The home URL in the 'Index' facility.

- 'STARTFACILITY' - Name of the facility to start up with. For
example "local", "aminet", "pouet". Default: "index".

- 'DOWNLOADDIR' - Download directory in the 'Local' facility,
default: SYS:T

- 'DEVICE0', 'DEVICE1' - Devices for writing disk images, by default
df0: and df1:. It might be a good idea to assign a virtual floppy to
the second device, see for example fmsdisk.device from Aminet. RAD:
works too.

- 'CREATEICONS' - Create drawer icons for unpacked archives.

- 'NUMLINES' - Number of lines in the main list. Default: 12

- 'NOAGA' - Remove AGA-only releases from search results.

- 'BOOKMARK1' ... 'BOOKMARK9' - Bookmarks available through the
bookmarks menu.

- 'SEARCHPROXY' - Set the search proxy. The default search proxy
handles the facilities 'pouet' and 'aminet' (see below).

- 'DOWNLOADPROXY' - Set the download proxy.

- 'HTTPPROXY' - Set the HTTP proxy (rarely needed nowadays). Default:

- 'FACILITIES' - List of external search facilities, separated by
commas, default: "Pouët=pouet,Aminet".
For example, if you are interested in Aminet and games searches only,
you could specify "Aminet,Games".
A search facility is an arbitrary name sent to a search proxy as an
additional argument. Each facility can be preceded by an alias
(delimited by an equal sign), which will be shown in the GUI.
By default, searches are sent to SEARCHPROXY. In addition to that,
each facility can have its own specialized search proxy, by prefixing
it with the facility name, e.g. GAMESSEARCHPROXY, AMINETSEARCHPROXY,

- 'MULTIVIEW' - An external program to display various files.
Default: "SYS:Utilities/Multiview". Kick 2.x users will need to find
another program, e.g. "viewer >NIL:" from

- 'UNLHACMD' - Command for unpacking lha archives. Default: lha -aNq
x "%s" "%s/"
- 'UNZIPCMD' - Command for unpacking zip archives. Default: unzip -q
-o "%s" -d "%s/"
By default, unpacking produces an output window only in case of
problems. Check out the LhA and UnZip manuals to produce more verbose

- 'OUTPUT' - Output window specification when starting external
programs. Default: "CON:20/20/600/140/Output/AUTO/CLOSE/WAIT"

8. Troubleshooting

Q: The program doesn't start, in the shell it complains about
A: Delete the old version from AmiTCP:libs/httpclient.library.

Q: ZIP archives always seem to produce an output window, why?
A: Set the TZ env variable. See also 3. Installation, and
timezone.doc in the UnZip distribution.

9. Privacy concerns

Privacy policy:

This software does not collect private data. If you use this program
in the default configuration, queries, results and downloads are
roaming the internet unencrypted between the search server and your
Amiga. Requests will be logged by the default server for debugging
purposes, and deleted automatically after one week or when the
protocol grows too large, whatever comes first.

Please note:

Http servers often redirect downloads to https - so you do not always
recognize by its URL if a download needs to be rerouted through the
download proxy.

If in doubt, you can create your own search and download server.

A. Server exchange protocol

If you want to create your own proxy or download server, you need to
implement Lubricator's server exchange protocols. These have been
kept markedly simple.

GET <downloadserver>?url=<download>&token=lubricator

The download proxy can pass response headers to the client more or
less unmodified, but it should keep their number and size reasonably
small. Only the Content-* headers are really interesting. (Note:
Future versions of Lubricator and its default server might implement
some token negotiation scheme.)

GET <searchserver>?search=<query>&type=<facility>&format=lubricator

Additionally, the argument exclude=aga can be provided.

The search response is a list in ISO-8859-1 text. (Note: Future
versions of Lubricator and its search server might implement an
encoding argument for other ISO-8859 variants, such as ISO-8859-7.)

"key1": attr1="val1" attr2="val2" ...
"key2": attr3="val3" attr4="val4" ...

The key is the list's visual constituent, and relatively freeform.
The key length should not significantly exceed 50 characters. A
fixed-width font can be expected for display, and some limited ASCII
art is possible. Attribute names shouldn't be longer than 12
characters. For escaping quotation marks inside names and values, use
\", for the backslash character, use \\.

Relevant attributes are URI and Type. URI can be absolute or
relative. Conventions for the Type keys:

"index" - Address, link to some other index
"download" - Some file, unspecified
"archive" - LhA or ZIP archive
"disk" - ADF disk image
"diskarchive" - DMS disk archive
"packdisk" - ADF disk image

Example line from an Aminet response:

" comm/net 68k NetFS-revised.lha": Short="Remote filesystem & AREXX
between Amigas" Arch="m68k-amigaos" Type="archive"
URI="" Path="comm/net"
Size="620K" Date=""

Example line from a Pouët response:

"23 Fortocalypse by TEK ++++": Short="OCS demo by The Electronic
Knights 2023-05-15" Date="2023-05-15" Kind="demo" Votes="66 ++++"
Filename="tek-fortocalypse" Type="download"

The first attribute (here, "Short") should contain as much additional
information as possible, as it is getting displayed witout user
interaction. Do not expect significantly more than 40 characters to
be displayed here.
Please keep the number of additional attributes and line lengths
reasonably small.

Use the command-line option VERBOSE to monitor request activity.

See also: Node.js proxy server examples
See also: 9. Privacy concerns

B. Changelog
2.3 - Added READ argument for reading disks to files locally,
requested by Henne/AC; improved determination of local filenames from
URLs; host header did not provide port numbers, fixed in
httpclient.library 4.3. Node.js proxy server examples added.
2.2 - Unpacking of archives could hang during icon creation, fixed;
did not actually set the agent string to Lubricator, fixed with
httpclient.library 4.1
2.1 - Added command-line UNPACK feature; can now download and unpack
to a destination directory from command-line; command-line exits with
WARN if a destination file or unpack directory already exists; fixed
\\ and \" escaping in parser; reduced memory consumption for DMS
unpacking; fixed minor quirks in documentation generator; improved
error reporting and output in command-line disk writing; some cleanup
in initialization and exception handling; tries to no longer
overwrite a drawer icon provided by an archive
2.0 - Parser bits rewritten in assembler; Minor corrections in signal
handling, verbose output, improved documentation; AmigaGuide and
Installer added; some requests could be performed twice, corrected;
directories are now sorted to top in local facility; now deletes
__MACOSX garbage from archives automatically; version number bumped
1.9 - Improved documentation, Added OUTPUT tooltype, improved
blocksize calculation, detaches external viewer and executables
started in "Normal" mode, added SEARCH=SHOW command
1.8 - facilities now remember their list and address; now uses
fixed-width 'System Font' for the main list
1.7 - Added packdisk maker, STARTFACILITY, UNLHACMD, UNZIPCMD
1.6 - Added "Local" facility and browsing the download directory; now
avoids unnecessary sub directories when unarchiving; automatically
shows unarchived directories; smarter selection of directories and
filenames in file requesters; added external file viewing and
MULTIVIEW tooltype; improved dialogs for fewer clicks and more
intuitive operation; Reload on Aminet and Pouet facilities now lists
the current releases; added support for search proxies per facility;
improved error reporting, cleanup, many small quirks fixed
1.5 - Did not use the download proxy in command-line, corrected;
improved documentation; random demo suggestion did not select the
'pouet', but the first search facility, corrected; added double-click
on mainlist actions; added 'Accept' header, added Lubricator as
User-Agent; now requires httpclient.library v4
1.4 - Added FACILITIES
1.3 - Corrections in handling of the URL field; configurable search,
download and http proxies; when NOAGA is specified, caches are always
disabled when starting an executable, otherwise prompts user;
"Suggest Random Demos" improved; more meaningful error messages for
connection and proxy failures; more verbose executable disks
1.2 - Corrected handling of URI paths without trailing slashes;
dramatically improved compatibility when running executables,
especially from disk; running executables and making bootable disks
from executables with spaces in their filenames corrected; now
correctly reports disk errors on read/write/download disk images
1.0 - Improved documentation, some minor bugs fixed
0.93 - Added bookmarks menu; fixed possible illegal memory access
during tooltype parsing; improved filetype and html content
detection; link texts are now shortened if necessary; passing an URL
in the command-line works (again)
0.92 - Fixed crash when clicking 'Cancel' on unpacking DMS to disk;
reduced memory consumption; improved path handling, improved error
reporting; file downloads can be aborted
0.91 - Added Iconify function; added NUMLINES and NOAGA tooltypes,
removed NOASYNC tooltype
0.90 - Bugfix in devicename handling; reduced memory consumption;
0.89 - Added 'suggest random demos' function; DMS unpacker in 'heavy'
mode slightly optimized in assembler
0.88 - Added CREATEICONS tooltype; DMS unpacker optimized in
assembler a bit; some fixes and cleanup
0.87 - DMS archives can now be unpacked directly from HTTP to disk,
without downloading before. httpclient.library updated to v3.0.
0.86 - Added a function to create a bootable disk for running an
0.85 - The DMS unpacker is now integrated, faster, and requires less
memory. xdms and the PIPE: handler are no longer needed.
0.84 - Added support for downloading from https and ftp.
0.83 - Added async disk writing and NOASYNC tool type option.
0.82 - For known archives, the default action is now "Unarchive".
Progress displays no longer overwrite the link field, but are now
shown in the former Type field. Many minor bugs and quirks fixed.
0.81 - added support for writing ADF and DMS from menu and
0.80 - added unpacking lha, zip, and dms.
0.79 - added rudimentary HTML browsing capabilities.
0.73 - you can now enter an URL in the link field directly, too
0.72 - added VERBOSE option, fixed a crash in property management,
link field is now editable, allowing the user to change the link.
Added autorewrite to http in search proxy for servers
0.7 - added proxy support; added httpclient.library 2.1, which fixes
some proxy issues
0.6 - added device tooltypes, home button
0.5 - added some Pouët and Aminet search support
0.4 - added some command-line support, added icon, icon tooltype,
progress display, abort writing
0.3 - initial version

C. Licenses and Copyright

Written and Copyright by Timm S. Müller.
Contact: Timm S. Mueller <tmueller at neoscientists dot org>

This software is provided "as is", without warranty of any kind,
express or implied.

Lubricator is freely distributable if the software package including
this documentation remains complete and intact.

Node.js proxy server examples kindly provided by Bodo
Hinüber/Rabenauge. Thanks!

xDMS - compiled into Lubricator
Maintainer: Heikki Orsila
Author: Andre Rodrigues de la Rocha
xDMS is released as public domain software. You can spread it, modify
it and do anything with it without even asking first. But the
author(s) would like to know if you do something cool with it.

httpclient.library - HTTP client Amiga shared library
(c) 2018-2023 individual Computers Jens Schoenfeld GmbH

Based on HTTPClient 1.1 by Eitan Michaelson.

HTTPClient's original MIT License is reproduced below:

Copyright (c) 2006 Eitan Michaelson

Permission is hereby granted, free of charge, to any person obtaining
a copy of this software and associated documentation files (the
"Software"), to deal in the Software without restriction, including
without limitation the rights to use, copy, modify, merge, publish,
distribute, sublicense, and/or sell copies of the Software, and to
permit persons to whom the Software is furnished to do so, subject to
the following conditions:

The above copyright notice and this permission notice shall be
included in all copies or substantial portions of the Software.


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